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Royal Roads University was established as a public, applied a research university in 1995.  As an institution of learning, its history dates back to 1940, when it opened as a naval college, eventually becoming Royal Roads Military College. 

Royal Roads University Graduate Diploma in Project Management and Organizational Leadership is an 18-credit on-campus program designed to equip professionals in management and leadership positions with the essential skills of project management and is aligned with the knowledge requirements of the Project Management Professional (PMP)® and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® industry-recognized certifications.

This dual-language offering of the Graduate Diploma in Project Management and Organizational Leadership is in partnership with Royal Roads University. For more information on program details please click

Download the RBCo-RRU Graduate Diploma in Project Management and Organizational Leadership program brochure.

Directly following an eligible program of study, you may apply for an open work permit called a post-graduation work permit (PGWP). For details, please go visit Immigration and citizenship –


Students whose English is their second language can benefit from bilingual classes.                                                                                                                                                                                


Royal Roads University Customized Diploma in Project Management and Organizational Leadership program is delivered at Royal Bridge College campus in Port Coquitlam, BC.


Royal Roads University Customized Diploma in Project Management and Organizational Leadership program offers flexible class times and small-size classes. Intakes: April and September each year

Who is it for?

Program description

As a leader or manager in a local or international organization, you carry a lot of responsibility. The job of making things happen often falls on your shoulders. And in your busy organization, a lot of things are happening. 

You’re seeing changes in management initiatives, project negotiations, and changing team dynamics. You know these situations call for exemplary leadership. And you want to rise to the challenges they present.

The Graduate Diploma in Project Management and Organizational Leadership sets you up for success, in a Canadian or a global business context.

You’ll learn from leading-edge instructors. They’ll guide you through the fundamentals and finer points of both project management and leadership.

You’ll build hands-on project management skills, and learn about best practices in project leadership, team dynamics, and negotiations. And you’ll build a knowledge base about relevant topics including restructuring, policy, technological advances, political change, ethical issues, succession planning, and more.

You’ll also develop your own leadership skills,  with the help of your instructors and your cohort colleagues. You’ll gain vision, courage, partnerships, and networks, which will give you the energy and perseverance to lead your organization, and face obstacles wherever you are.

Through your learning, you’ll become the kind of leader who inspires teams to work together. Whether your goal is to make a change in your organization or make a change in your entire life, you’ll find the skills and connections to make it happen.

Program delivery

This program is delivered entirely on campus.

You can build from here

Upon successful completion of the Graduate Diploma in Project Management and Organizational Leadership, you can transfer up to 9 credits toward a Royal Roads Masters of Business Administration or Masters of Global Management.

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Project Management or the Graduate Certificate in Management and Leadership may further their learning by transferring credits to this diploma.

Project management credentials

Project Management Professional (PMP)® can earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) toward maintenance of (PMP)® credential upon completion of this program. 

  • PMP is a registered trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc. The PMI Registered Education Provider logo is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Program outcomes

Once you have completed this program, you’ll have project management skills that are transferrable to work across industries.

On campus learning

Studying on campus brings you together with your class colleagues and instructors. Expect the program to be rigorous. You’ll do homework, readings, and team assignments outside of your full-time class hours. The program’s full set of courses adds up to 18 credits. Each course credit represents approximately 33 hours of effort unless specified otherwise.

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Program Features
  • Flexible course structure/Intake time/Class time
  • Work and study Balance
  • Small class size with Dual-Language teaching 
  • Students will be admitted directly by Royal Roads University
  • Graduate Diploma – 11 months (equivalent to 1-year program)
  • Courses delivered in Port Coquitlam at the Royal Bridge College Campus
  • Graduate Diploma issued by Royal Roads University
  • Credits are transferable to Master. Degree at RRU (assessment required )
  • No additional IELTS or TOEFL required
  • Practical courses contents

The Graduate Diploma in Project Management and Organizational Leadership program is an 18-credit program which is the equivalent of a 1-year program, but it is delivered in an accelerated model in 8-12 months. It’s important to note that the compressed academic programming that RRU offers includes the same or more number of instructional hours and the same or more number of out-of-class study and preparation hours as the more relaxed, or ‘normal,’ pace of programs offered by other Canada universities. 

Royal Roads University is authorized to grant degrees as a public university by the Province of British Columbia through the Royal Roads University Act and is a member institution of Universities Canada. 

Royal Roads University Designated Learning Institution Number: O19330635812

Admission Requirement
All flexible admission applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Standard admission

  • Completion of a four-year undergraduate degree in arts, business, or environmental studies (or another acceptable alternative, including either a master’s or doctoral level degree), plus some related experience, typically a minimum of two years’ work in relevant leadership, management, communication, training, marketing, or consultant roles, etc.

Flexible admission

  • Applicants who do not meet the standard admission requirements need a minimum of four full-time years of relevant work experience and some post-secondary education.
  • Applications will be adjudicated based on a consideration of all standard supporting documents (academic transcripts, resumé, statement of intent, reference letters), with a broad focus on work, life, and volunteer experience as well as any academic work or credentials.

English language proficiency

No additional IELTS or TOEFL required

Additional recommendation(s)

Admission to this program is based on the applicant’s balance of work and life experience, including volunteer and community activities, practical experience or related training.

Application Requirement
All applications to this program require submission of the following information and supporting documents before your file can be assessed for admission.

Application form

You will be required to submit a paper application form, listing all credit courses and/or programs you have completed or are currently enrolled in. An application fee ($900CAD) and a signed refund policy will be required. 

Download the Application form and Refund policy here, and the Application fee payment link.  

Official transcripts

In accordance with RRU’s admissions policy and practices, applicants are required to submit official transcripts from all post-secondary (higher education) institutions currently or previously attended, though exceptions may apply for some Graduate Diplomas in Project Management and Organizational Leadership applicants as outlined below:

  • All applicants must declare all post-secondary studies (courses, programs, transfer credit, etc.) in their application.
  • As part of the application process, applicants anticipating acceptance by standard admission will be required to provide an official transcript for the highest level, most relevant, and/or most recent degree credential(s). Whenever possible, applicants are also encouraged to provide unofficial (or official) transcripts from all other institutions currently or previously attended. Additional documents may be requested at any time during the application process. Additionally, upon acceptance Admissions will determine which, if any, additional transcripts or documents will be required, and these requirements may be noted as a condition of admission.
  • As part of the application process, applicants anticipating consideration under flexible admission must submit all official transcripts for all institutions currently or previously attended.

In all cases, applicants are responsible for arranging for the submission of official transcripts. Transcripts are considered official only if submitted directly by the Registrar or other recognized authority of the providing institution in the institution’s original, sealed envelope. If the envelope has been opened, the transcripts are no longer official and new (official) transcripts will be required to complete your application.

Transcripts are not required for non-credit programs or courses, though some programs may require proof of professional certifications or designations. All international transcripts or credentials are subject to an international transcript and/or credential evaluation.

Personal statement

The personal statement should be approximately one page in length and should outline your motivation for seeking entrance to the program. The statement should address the topic of how the Graduate Diploma in Project Management and Organizational Leadership will contribute to your future career. Relate this to who you are, what you feel you will gain from the program, and the strengths you feel you could bring to the program.

Two reference letters

These documents can be written in a variety of formats. In essence, we expect the letters of reference to confirm that you are a suitable candidate for the program, why s/he feel you will succeed in the program, and describe how the program will benefit you. The context in which the referee has come to know you should also be mentioned (professional, academic, personal, volunteer, etc).

Detailed Résumé

Your detailed résumé should include the following:

  • Education: List all post-secondary education, degrees, diplomas, and certificates you have achieved.
  • Work experience: Please include the name of the organization, length of service, and a brief description of duties.
  • Voluntary/unpaid work experience: List and describe any voluntary/unpaid post-secondary employment and/or community service experience. Please include the name of the organization, length of service, and a brief description of duties. List positions you have held in this service.
  • Professional memberships/affiliations: List memberships and positions you hold/have held in professional associations, service clubs, and the community/volunteer sector.

Other relevant information: Provide any other information which you believe is relevant to your application and will be of assistance to the review committee.

If applicable:

  • Applicants declaring permanent resident or Convention Refugee status in Canada must submit a copy of their Permanent Resident Card (PR card) along with their application.
  • Transcript evaluation fee or credential evaluation report, if submitting international transcripts.
  • Other information or documents may be requested to determine your eligibility.
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