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Dispute Resolution Policy

  1. This Dispute Resolution Policy governs complaints from students respecting Royal Bridge College and any aspect of its operations. 
  2. A student who makes or is otherwise involved in a complaint will not be subject to any form of retaliation by the Royal Bridge College at any time.
  3. The process by which the student complaint will be handled is as follows:
    • Student complaints must be made in writing.
    • The student must provide the written complaint to the Senior Educational Administrator (SEA) who is responsible for making determinations in respect of complaints. 
    • If the SEA is absent or is named in the complaint, the student must address the complaint to the Campus Director. If SEA and Campus Director is same person, all communication should be addressed to Chief Operating Office (COO).
    • Students are authorized to submit and pursue a complaint him/herself or be represented by an agent or a lawyer.
    • It is encouraged that Students should try to resolve the issue informally by talking to the other party(ies) involved. If the issue cannot be resolved, Students must submit his/her complaint in writing and may send it through regular mail, email or drop at the front desk of the Royal Bridge College.
    • Written submissions should include a detailed and clear description of the incident including all relevant information, for instance the nature of the problem, date of occurrence, and names of parties involved etc. Further, copies of any other important information pertaining to the problem should also be included.
    • Step 1: Royal Bridge College will schedule a meeting of both the parties with the SEA to discuss the issue and inform both the parties through email or telephone given by them to the Royal Bridge College for official record or on enrollment contract. SEA will resolve the issue within five business days. If the issue is resolved at this level, the process is exhausted, and copies will be provided to both the parties and placed in Dispute Resolution file as well.
    • Step2: In the next step, if both the parties are unable to resolve the grievance to their satisfaction, the grievance should be forwarded in writing to the Campus Director of the Royal Bridge College.
    • If the Campus Director seems necessary, he/she can also call both parties to discuss the issue and acquire more information and understanding about the issue. Campus Director will review all details and based on given information will make a final decision within five business days and a letter would be issued regarding the decision. At this stage, the process is exhausted and finalized. No further action would be taken, and copies will be provided to both the parties and the original will be placed in the Dispute Resolution file.
    • The Royal Bridge College will provide the reasons for the determination and the reconsideration (if any) to the student within 30 days after the date on which the student made the complaint.
    • The written reasons will advise a student, that if the student is dissatisfied with the determination, and has been misled by the college regarding any significant aspect of that program, the student may file a complaint with the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) ( Complaints must be filed with PTIB within one year of the date a student completes, is dismissed from, or withdraws from the program.
  4. The student making the complaint may be represented by an agent or a lawyer.