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Dean’s Message

Dean Dave Derpak - Royal Bridge College

David Derpak - Dean, Academic

Education prepares you for the future! Consider letting Royal Bridge College prepare you. It has been said that you get out of your education what you put into it. I firmly believe that “effort makes the difference” in all you do. That effort is your work. Our commitment to you and to all our students is to help you succeed. We will do our utmost to see that your educational needs are supported and fulfilled. We will guide and support your path to a diploma or a degree. Most of all, your educational experience here at Royal Bridge College will put you on a path to making a difference in the world.
The size of our college allows us to get to know and care for all our students. Caring and a climate of high expectations will be our drivers! I hope you take the opportunity to study and learn with us here at Royal Bridge College. Our high professional standards guarantee that our students learn and grow in an environment that prepares them for an exciting future. Graduates will move on after studying with us. But well here, you can not find a safer and better part of the world to study.
Greater Vancouver offers the most moderate climate in Canada. As well, our transportation system is world class. These, we know, are also important considerations as you explore with us your interests and find what excites you.
Our programs are designed to meet  a variety of student interests and help you achieve your goals. We have an experienced and professional staff here at Royal Bridge College. Every member is committed to helping and guiding students. Our award-winning administrative staff is dedicated to supporting students and faculty.
I hope to hear from you. I am, of course, here to assist with your enquiries. Please remember, also, that the entire Royal Bridge team is here to help you succeed. Your future is important and Royal Bridge College can help you to succeed!

David Derpak
Dean, Royal Bridge College