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Respectful and Fair Treatment of Students Policy

The Royal Bridge Collegeis committed to ensuring that its learning environment promotes the respectful and fair treatment of all the students. This policy applies to all the Royal Bridge College students who are currently enrolled in any Program and course.

  1. While on the Royal Bridge College premises or in the course of activities or events hosted by the Royal Bridge College the following activities are prohibited:
    • Bullying
    • The Royal Bridge College is committed to provide the students equal opportunities to study and a safe learning environment. According to the college policy bullying is a serious violation of an individual’s fundamental rights. Bullying includes frightening and hurting other students that cause personal humiliation.
    • Harassment
    • The Royal Bridge College has a strict policy for any form of harassment based upon sex, color, race, gender, religion, background, status and disability etc. Harassment includes verbal abuse, physical abuse and any offensive gesture to threat others.  
    • Discrimination
    • The Royal Bridge College believes in providing equal opportunities to the students without discriminating among them on the basis of their personal attributes.
    • Violence
    • Violent behaviour of any student is not acceptable at the college.   
  2. If under any circumstances, a prohibited activity occurs, the following outlines the process for addressing the activity:
    • Procedure
      • Any conduct contrary to the respectful and fair treatment policy shall be reported to the SEA in writing. In the absence of the SEA, the concern will be reported to the Campus Director, who will perform the same procedure.
      • The SEA will discuss the matter with the student within five business days of receiving a complaint.
      • The SEA can warrant the immediate dismissal of the student in case of the serious nature of the issue. Further, the SEA will arrange a meeting with the student without any further delay.  
      • The SEA will determine whether concerns are substantiated after further inquiry within five business days of the initial meeting with the student.
      • After meeting the student, the SEA will determine:
        • That the concern(s) were not substantiated; or
        • That the concern(s) were substantiated, in whole or in part, and either:
          • Give the student a warning setting out the penalty for further misconduct; or
          • Set a probationary period with appropriate conditions; or
          • Advise that the student must be dismissed from the college.
      • The SEA will provide a copy of the written determination to the student and the original will be placed in the student file.
      • Both the SEA and student will sign the written warning or probation conditions in case of probation or warning given to the student. The original document will be placed in the student’s file and a copy will be provided to the student. 
      • If the SEA will advise to dismiss the student, the Campus Director will meet the student to deliver a letter of dismissal. Further, the Campus Director will provide the student the calculation of refund due or tuition owing (if applicable). 
      • If a refund is due, the refund will be granted to the student within 30 days of dismissal.
      • If the student owes tuition fees to the college, the Campus Director will undertake the collection of the amount owing. 
      • All the concerned staff members and instructors would be informed regarding the decision and all the records related to the issue will be kept in the student’s file.
      • Lastly, if required a complaint can be filed to a concerned law enforcement agency of the BC.