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Retake, Rewrite, and Extended Study Policy

Policy Statement

Royal Bridge College (RBCo) realize that sometimes students may not be able to perform to the desired level of learning, therefore, RBCo provides an opportunity to improve earned score of their course of choice. Further, a student who already possesses a certain level of knowledge of a course will be allowed extended study.

The student who wishes to retake a course or an exam or wants to opt for extended study must adopt the following procedure relevant to their choice:

A. Regular Course Retake

Students choosing this option can retake the entire course. However, students will need to wait until the module is offered again. The student is required to pay for the course retake according to the course/program’s regular fee structure.

B. Special Course Retake/Extended Study

To avoid any delays for students’ study plans, students can request special arrangements for course retake/ extended study with the College to intensive retake a course or extended study. Extended Study is a mix of instructor-led and self-study exams preparation programs. The student is expected to complete all given assignments and lesson plans assigned by the instructor within a given timeframe. If a student requested the extended study, the student is required to pass a preliminary written and oral assessment conducted by the relevant instructor with at least 50% marks. RBCo will arrange instructor and schedule for special course retake or extended study. Instructor lead activities including assessments will be maximum of 20% of regular course hours. The student is required to pay half of the course tuition fee payable under A.

C. Exam/Test Write or Rewrite

If a student missed a regularly scheduled exam or want to retake the exam/test, he/she may write or rewrite the exam/test with the following arrangement:

  1. If a student missed exam due to reasons mentioned in Attendance Policy or a reason accepted by Senior Educational Administrator (SEA) of the college, student can make an arrangement with college to write or rewrite exam/test.
  2. If student missed exam/test due to reason unacceptable by college, student should talk to Senior Educational Administrator (SEA) to discuss possibility of write/reqrite of exam/test.
  3. Student will be charged $100 per hour depending upon duration of exam/test prescribed by the instructor.