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About Royal Bridge College

Royal Bridge College

At Royal Bridge College (RBCo), students have the opportunity to study in beautiful Vancouver, Canada and accomplish their education and career goals in a unique and supportive learning environment. RBCo aims to cultivate young minds to become more knowledgeable and curious as to prepare them in becoming lifelong achievers.

By focussing on the unique strengths of our students, we provide a learning context in which they can develop a well-balanced attitude towards learning language and academic skills as well as practical career skills.

Our approach to learning also solidifies a strong sense of social responsibility and even an interdisciplinary approach to extracurricular subjects such as arts and technology, which further strengthening knowledge in regards to their career aspirations. Ultimately, our goal is to guide students from Royal Bridge College towards success in pursuing their ideal careers.


Royal Bridge College aims to support Canadian values and concepts by providing quality education programs that meet the personal and professional needs of learners so that they can become valued global citizens.


Royal Bridge College is committed to offering students an extensive list of benefits and educational opportunities:

  • With a team of experienced program advisors and staff committed to helping students, Royal Bridge College offers attentive and accommodating support services for students and families. Many of our staff are multilingual and can help students from a large variety of cultural backgrounds. We also provide guidance and facilitation for those wanting or in the process of visa applications.
  • Royal Bridge College offers students opportunities to apply for scholarships each year and provides them with the advice and support for scholarship essay writing, resume-building and other application processes.
  • Royal Bridge College’s team of experienced teaching staff is highly qualified and an essential part of our supportive learning community. Our exemplary instructors hold Bachelor degrees, Master’s degrees, or PhD’s. Our curriculums are taught by highly qualified instructors who dedicate their time to help students succeed in both their learning and career aspirations.

RBCo and the PTIB

Royal Bridge College is designated by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education which regulates private institutions in British Columbia to ensure a high level of quality in fulfilling all requirements as a “designated institution”. For more information, please visit the PTIB website.