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Withdrawal Policy, Procedure and Form

Withdrawal Policy

Students can withdraw from the program or course(s) according to this policy. Refund or transfer of the paid amount of fee(s) will be determined in accordance with;

a. Refund Policy if the student withdraws from the program and

b. Withdrawal Policy If the student withdraws from the course

Students may be allowed to withdraw from the program anytime and Refund Policy will apply for a refund of paid fee if any.

Students may be allowed to withdraw from the course if a student is not absent from classes more than 25% of the total# of classes of the course (student will be unable to fulfill 75% attendance requirement). If a student withdraws before being absent for more than 25% of total classes, he/she may request to withdraw and transfer this/her paid tuition of the respective course to the next course(s) but it cannot be refunded.

Stopping or ceasing to attend classes or the College does not constitute withdrawal from the program or course(s) or the College. Students who want to withdraw from the program or course(s), he/she must notify the College in writing by adopting the procedure and completing the required withdrawal form.

If the form is submitted after the first class of the scheduled course, the grade of the withdrawn course “W” will appear on the transcript. The College will not issue any credential but, on the student’s request, may issue transcript(s) for the completed course(s) at the College.

The day Withdrawal Form received by the College will be considered as a Notice date for Refund purposes if available.


A student can withdraw from the program or course(s) through the prescribed procedures. Steps and requirements for the purpose have been described as follows.

• A registered/enrolled student may officially withdraw from the full program or course(s) on completion of the following procedure.

• Get a copy of the “Withdrawal Form” available at the Front Desk of the College or College website.

• Submit the properly filled Withdrawal Form to the Office of the College.

• Withdrawal Form may be;

o Dropped at the Front Desk of the College

o Mailed to the College address printed on the Form

o Emailed at

• After receiving the Withdrawal Form, the Senior Educational Administrator (SEA) of the College will review the case and, within one week of receipt of the Form will determine a refund of the fee (if applicable) in accordance with the current Refund Policy of the College.

• Application/Registration Fee is non-refundable.

• The student must return – damage-free – books, equipment, electronic devices, or any other material provided by the College with the completed Withdrawal Form if any.

• Failure to return any of these items will result in deduction of cost from eligible refund or be a claim on student in case sufficient refund is not available.

• If the student wants to come back within 6 months of withdrawal, he/she may by readmitted without going through whole admission process but it is a discretion of the College to accept or reject re-admission or ask for adopting admission procedure just like any new student seeking admission in the program.

• If student wants to come back after 6 months of withdrawal, he/she will go through the whole admission process just like a new student seeking admission to the program.

• College will issue Letter of Withdrawal with check of refund or invoice (as applicable) within 30 days of receipt of the Withdrawal application/form. 

Please click here to download the Withdrawal Form.