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Diploma in Business Administration with Co-op

This program provides knowledge, skills, and competencies to individuals who aspire to become business administrators in small to medium-size business. The students develop fundamental business administrative skills as well as introduced to concepts in managing business development, operations and human resources. The program will also have a co-op component where students will be able to apply learned skills.

Upon completion of this program, the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Effectively communicate in the context of business such as effective oral presentation skills and business writing skills
  • Understand the core functional areas of business including accounting, economics/finance, marketing and management
  • Apply best practices of business administration in the functional areas of business
  • Analyze, evaluate and interpret information to make reasoned business decisions based on given cases
  • Interpret Canadian business laws and their impact on business decisions
  • Analyze and interpret business statistics concepts in a business environment
  • Demonstrate effective use of IT skills in the areas of information search, word processing, use of spreadsheets, and presentation software
  • Apply learned skills at the real work environments


List the titles of the courses in this program in the order they are provided and the hours of instruction allotted to each course. Each course is worth three credits and 50 hours, offered in five week terms, two classes a term,  three cycles complete a Semester. 3.1 semesters, 50 weeks of study.

ENGL 1177 Academic Writing
BUSA 1065 Introduction to Business
BSYS 1000 Business Information Systems
OPMT 1110 Business Math
FMGT 1105 Accounting 1
MKTG 1102 Essentials of Marketing
HRMG 2150 Human Resource Management (HRM)
ECON 2100 Microeconomics
OPMT 1130 Business Stats
BUSA 2100 Principles of Management
COMM 1100 Business Communication
FMGT 2105 Accounting 2
FMGT 1810 Personal Financial Planning
ORGB 1100 Organizational Behaviour
ECON 2200 Macroeconomics
OPMT 1198 Operations Management Fundamentals
OPMT 1170 Project Management
BLAW 3100 Business Law
MKTG 3321 Public Relations (PR)
BSYS 2205 Entrepreneurial Management
Total Academic 60 credits (1000 hours)
DBA 300 Co-op Work Experience (15 credits)
Program Total 75 credits (2000 hours)

Domestic Students Tuition & Fees

Tuition $18,000
Application Fee (non-refundable) $200
Materials Fee $300
Assessment Fee $100

*Assessment fee not mandatory, only for students writing RBCo English Placement Exam
*all prices are in Canadian Dollar

International Students Tuition & Fees

Tuition $22,300
Application Fee (non-refundable) $300
Materials Fee $300
Assessment Fee $100

*Assessment fee not mandatory, only for students writing RBCo English Placement Exam
*all prices are in Canadian Dollar

Career Opportunities

The graduates of this program will be prepared for a variety of administrative positions in a broad range of employment settings. Our graduates find employment in entry-level positions in both the private and public sectors, including manufacturing, service, profit, and nonprofit organizations.

Completion Requirements

Must successfully pass all courses with 50% or more grades overall and have an attendance of at least 75% overall.

Program Duration

Program Length:
2000 hours

In Class Instruction:
1000 hours

Co-op Work Experience:
1000 hours

Students take 2 classes per cycle (5 weeks). Each semester has 3 cycles. Schedule will consist of Monday to Thursday classes for 2.5 hours/day.

Admission Requirements

All applicants must be:

17 years or older and have completed Year 12 or equivalent Completion of English 12 with grade C or equivalent IELTS 6.0 overall or equivalent or 75% score in RBCo English Placement Test.

Program Overview

Full-time 2 year Diploma

Delivery Method:
Blended learning, in-class instruction and online.
Distance/Virtually during COVID-19 period.

Next Intake Date: December 6th, 2021

BA with Coop 2021 Calendar

Domestic Tuition: $18,000 CAD
(including Co-op fee)

International: $22,300 CAD
(including Co-op fee)

Scholarship and Bursary are available upon request

PTIB Approved

Diploma in Business Administration with Co-Op was reviewed and approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institution Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training.